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Application Developers

Is your application missing the Danale touch?

Already have an app? That’s ok!

We get it. You already have a great application and it’s working! At Danale, we are only interested in helping where we are needed.  That’s why we provide access to our cloud server to pre-exisiting applications! That way, your smart devices can access cloud service subscriptions and storage from the comfort of their native app. As a bonus, once a device has access to our cloud service, we make sure it has access to the full offering of the Danale application as well. So, if you just want cloud functionality added to your application, we’ve got you covered. Additionally, every device that utilizes our cloud server gains the Smart by Danale certification. This means your device joins our growing family of smart devices that have access to the Danale cloud and are compatible with the Danale application.

Why Cloud Service?

Danale lets your users keep what matters most to them – memories. Danale’s integrated cloud service allows your application to offer your customers more than just real-time video, pictures, and data. It does away with the need for constantly switching out internal memory sd-cards, trying to record videos/pictures/data when it occurs, or just plain losing data. Instead, let the Danale cloud help carry the load a little by providing a cloud storage solution for your application. We are always excited to see new apps and devices that want to change how users interact with the world. You bring the app., we’ll take it to the cloud.

Application Developers

Our cloud API can work with any platform (iOS, Android, Windows, Mac OS, Linux) and provides real-time monitoring, complex task automation, and support for third-party features. So, bring out the full potential of your application by integrating Danale’s easy to use cloud service. Most major brand named devices can work with Danale. So you can rest assured that if you have a smart application, Danale can make it even smarter.

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