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Hardware Designers

Unlock your devices full potential with Danale!

For Hardware Designers

Let Danale make your smart device smarter. Here at Danale we offer a solution for every sort of smart device. Whether you want a custom application for your device, want to use the Danale application with your device, or you have a great application that just needs a cloud storage solution, we have you covered.

For Distributors and Manufacturers

Danale is always looking for new members to join its growing family. If you have a device on the market but it is lacking cloud storage capabilities, or a great application, let us know. We can help make your device a Smart by Danale device.

What is Smart by Danale?

When your device is Smart by Danale, two things happen, 1) you can use the Danale application to control your device, and 2) Danale’s cloud service becomes available to you and your customers. Danale’s application is easy to use. Don’t believe us? Take it out for a test drive! Danale’s Cloud Service allows your customers to have the added benefit of  monthly cloud subscriptions and/or monthly cloud storage.

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