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Our Friendly End Users

Danale Users are the Best Users!

We firmly believe that smart devices should be just that – smart. Sit back and let Danale bring your home into the future.  Our application is smart…really smart. But being smart isn’t everything. Danale also plays well with others. Our application is designed to work not just with one, two, or three devices. It can seamlessly intergrate with all the smart devices in your life. This way, your devices don’t just work – they make your whole life easier. Wish you had a record of Timmy’s first step, or when grandma blew out every single candle on her first try? Never again! With Danale you can breathe easy and capture those treasured moments forever.

As more and more devices gain the ability to connect to the internet, things can get messy. We get it. Each new device can bring with it a new set of problems. Which app. controls what? Am I on the latest version? And what was this app. for again? Very quickly, your smart dream can turn into a not-so-smart  nightmare. This is exactly why we created the term Smart by Danale. When a product is labeled Smart by Danale, you can rest assured that this product will find a home in your Danale application.  In fact, this is our dream – one application to easily connect and adjust all the smart devices in your life. So, keep the smart dream alive and be sure to check if your smart device is Smart by Danale!

Why should I care?

The internet of things (IoT) takes run of the mill, everyday devices and connects them to the internet. So…how does this help?  And where is this all heading? Here at Danale, we ask ourselves these very questions daily and here are a few of our answers.

How does it help?

Smart living has the capacity to effect real change in all our environments. Whether it’s keeping an eye on the kids, or figuring out where that new laptop walked off to, connected devices can keep you in the loop. It’s not just home security, smart devices can help our ecological environments too. Thermostats and smart lightings are some of the solutions that help people monitor their energy consumption and reduce their energy footprint without sacrificing any comfort. And it doesn’t end there! From smart sprinklers to doorbells, smart living is here to stay.

Where is smart living heading?

Currently, a mishmash of products are on the market – some smart and others not-so-smart. Interconnectivity between devices is key and this is the very heart of Danale’s mission. When you adopt a Smart by Danale device, you know that this device is not just one device – it has a family. A smart device is only as strong as the ecosystem it belongs to. With Danale, you are joining a growing family! What does the future look like? At Danale we see, smart homes, smart phones, and smart people and we’d love to welcome you to our family.

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