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Danale's Promise

When a smart device Works with Danale, it means that this device is now part of a family. Works with Danale is more than a slogan, it’s a promise. It is a promise that this product is fully compatible with the Danale application and will be able to access our cloud service platform. We take our promises seriously, so when we say Works with Danale, we mean it! When you see the Works with Danale logo on your product’s box, you can rest assured that it has a place in our smart family!

Can you tell me more?

We are glad you asked! The designation Works with Danale is reserved for products that have been specially configured and tested to connect to the Danale Cloud, and are compatible with the Danale Application.  The Danale Cloud allows users to take the real-time data they enjoy from their smart devices, like videos of birthday parties, and safely store it in the cloud. But that’s not all! Once a device is deemed Works with Danale, it is guaranteed to work within the Danale application. This little fact is very important because as you add more Works with Danale devices into your family of smart devices, having one application to control them all will help keep things simple. Here at Danale, we strive to be the simple solution to your smart home!

Keep a look out for...

The Danale House decal on the physical casing of your product to know that it is a Works with Danale device. Last but certainly not least, make sure to check the product box to ensure it lists support for WWDP. WWDP indicates that a device is Danale cloud service capable. Not only can you use our great app., you can store and access all your data in the cloud! The forecast is in – today will be cool with a chance of Danale clouds!

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What Works with Danale?

We are building a platform for everyone. When you see our Works with Danale logo on a product then you know that this product has achieved compatibility with both our application and cloud service. We are constantly growing, so check back frequently to see new members of the Works with Danale family!

How can I Work with Danale?

We are here to help, so whether you are a software developer, hardware designer, manufacturer, or distributor, feel free to drop us a line.  Danale has a streamlined certification program to help  distributors, suppliers, and re-sellers get their products fully compatible with our application. We are excited to get into contact with anyone who shares our passion for the IoT industry and believes that devices should not only be smart but also work simply. Please review our Certification page for more information on how to get your product Works with Danale certified!


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